Our Unified Focus
Activation this Sunday, May 3



The merkaba represents our momentum of ascending vibration. It is a supporting field of energy that keeps us coherently connected to Source energy. You will know when it is activated when you constantly feel that connection.

The merkabic force from the collective lightworker grouping is building more strongly right now. With more of us placing our attention upon this, we can potentially empower and strengthen this unfolding progression.

The primary purpose for doing this is to give greater assistance to the mass awakening of humanity.

The merkabic force functions as a collective forcefield and vehicle for tremendous outer service.

Merkabic fields are the energy engines and consciousness carriers through which universal life force is circulated between the various dimensions of awareness. This engine is like a higher dimensional garment that gives us the supporting thrust into higher evolution.

When one’s personal merkaba is active, it connects into the merkaba of the awakened group consciousness, just like points of light on a grid. It is a giant interface of ascending vibration.

The merkaba of the awakened group consciousness is connected to the merkaba of the planetary body. The Earth’s merkaba joins in with the merkaba of the solar system, then the solar system with the galaxy, and so on. All is interconnected.

The merkabic force is a highly coherent, transcendent field likened to a massive circulatory system and where the interchange of universal intelligence is constantly transferred.

lf the personal merkabic force is depressed, which is the state for most humans, the high vibe cosmic currents cannot synthesize within the consciousness.

This is why we, as the activated lightworkers, are assisting in this great effort. We are first raising ourselves and then helping to activate this ascension field for all humanity to step into.

Our task is to keep building our merkabic force, personally and collectively. All who are connected into this field will be continually recalibrated to its increasing vibration. This keeps in pace with Earth’s ascending pulse.

The effect of the merkabic force is likened to a cosmic vacuum, as it raises and pulls up all activity like itself into itself. Earth and all planetary species are evolving and returning to their original state of divine perfection.

This is the crux of our greater work.
As we continue to raise our vibration, we greatly contribute to the ascension of humanity.
This happens through the projection of our aligned thoughts. These resonant thought waves are encoding our personal merkaba. They then add to the group merkaba, which gives great strength to the merkabic force of the ascending Earth.
What is most important to understand is that every single one of us is adding to the power of the vacuum effect, which ultimately pulls us and raises all humanity.
In this current moment, we are now being recalibrated to function as a synchronized harmonic resonant field. Our task is to radiate a highly magnetic merkabic force to the highest levels of vibration possible.
With all of our activated merkabas connected as one unified field of energy, we create a harmonizing and balancing effect upon the whole. We move as a higher vibrational field. This enables us to harmonize a lower density field, and spin out anything of discordance.
This action of our unified merkabic field enables a natural bridging effect to occur in mass human consciousness. This naturally evolves the conscious understanding to greater levels of vibration. This ultimately supports humanity’s awakening and subsequent ascension into the new consciousness matrix of unity, love and goodness.
All people connected into this merkabic force are greatly supported and increasingly transformed as this living intentional field gains in prominence and strength.
Again, this is the group merkabic force consisting of our personal merkabas… all in motion through our divine coherence and purity of thought vibration.
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