Amanda LorenceLOVE is eternal. It can never not be present. It underlies every human experience. Quietly it resides, waiting to be met. It is the lost POWER each hold. The energetic force many fear to connect to. Frightened of their very own power, that is the power of LOVE. Only via the heart can this LOVE be met for the heart is each’s MEETING PLACE to know God, within your four bodies.

In this experience of separation, the mind felt separated from the Source of Eternal Love (energy) within, and without. A system was developed (and taken advantage of) to PERCEIVE a false protection for the human in it’s environment of separation. This system was the Ego Programme. Seeing that others appeared ‘stronger’ via use of their ego, more humans moved into a small programme (yet potent) experience via the ego mind. The Ego is a ‘small self’ protection system. Where small mind defended the human. Mind worked out this and that. Mind became FIRST. For the mind felt that the heart, was not strong enough to protect the human. The mind felt that LOVE was the weak. The Mind, was in forgetfulness. Brain memory temporarily switched off. Brain cells switched off. In order for a human to have that very experience of polarity and separation. For Source/Creator/God to have that experience THROUGH them. There was nothing right or wrong in having the separational experience, for it was all designed for Source to experience ITSelf so diversely in this particular field of energetic frequencies.

Upon awakening, a series of electrical patterns commence within the brain. This starts off as one singular ‘tingles pattern’ where many many electrical charges, initially ignite dormant neurones within the brain. The activated neurons, send pulses of data into different regions of the brain itself. This fires up what is to become, a sequence of activations upon activations. It takes linear time for the sequence to unfold. Adding MORE and multiple types of electrical patterns that ignite multiple dormant parts of the brain. It is done for you. Yet you can add your human WILL to this process (not ego) to power up the process even more. There are physical methods we can utilise to assist in our sensitivity to feel the energetic activity within the head. During this period, with PARTIAL brain ignition, MORE electrical light patterns are sent to parts of the physical body. The link up begins, to unify and activate the physical body to receive more electrical frequency, higher frequencies, more activation, more sensitivity. DNA codes become switched on during this process to add to this process. This is done for you.

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One of these light coded electrical patterns is an ARC pulse, that begins the electrical process of marrying the brain with the HEART CENTRE. It pulses, connects periodically, backwards and forwards over linear time. It pulses out from the frontal lobe of the brain, arcing down through the air, to and into the heart centre. And then back to the frontal lobe. Simultaneously, this is experienced within the human, as the mental mind moving more into heart centredness. The human witnesses themselves becoming less ‘MIND FIRST’. They notice becoming more ‘LOVE’ FIRST. Which is more ‘HEART CENTRE FIRST’, as LOVE is an energy. LOVE is not a statically experienced frequency. As we embody more of it, it expands in our experience to seem to become more potent, more powerful, for it becomes more and more connection to Source. So it feels for the human that LOVE expands. It is realised LOVE and the ability to LOVE and BE LOVE is actually INFINITE. The human also witnesses it’s own dilemas, (internal war), whether to allow the mind to dominate still, via their thoughts and logic, or whether to choose to listen to the heart.

The heart does not speak. It has no linear thoughts. It FEELS. LOVE is PURE frequency. At first, the understanding and connection seems so subtle, it can barely be noticed, for the mind is still so loud and dominant. But bit by bit, through the human choice to choose love, the electrical process of cellular connection occurring of the brain to the heart, allows the human to become more sensitive to ‘listening’ to their heart. If you have difficulty hearing the heart that speaks via it’s frequency of LOVE, the brain could help by asking “What would Love do? What would Love say?”. Or “Love is the answer” and explore how that can be so based on any circumstance the mind experiences. For above all thoughts of the mind, LOVE resides as ETERNAL PRESENCE.

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The journey, is to allow a perfectly timed process, of the brain marrying the heart. So what outcome does this marriage bring? It changes the human behaviour of thought, word and action. Where the brain quietens it’s once loud presence that chose and dominated all human thoughts, words and actions. It will seem the mind becomes quieter, and the heart becomes louder. But in truth, it is the potential stillness and peace attained within a mind, that allows the heart to be heard. The heart doesn’t get louder, it is just we become more energetically sensitive and aware of PRESENCE within us. From a given point on (perfect timing for each so no rush), the brain marries the heart. From this point on, the brain listens to the heart FIRST, and as it’s partner, the brain integrates those frequencies (ability to receive higher frequency wavelengths) of the eternal communication of Source via the Heart Centre. The brain, with it’s now increasing capacity to translate energy wave patterns, translates those wavelengths into thoughts. Then into words. Then into actions. In a sense, the heart becomes the new human brain, that the head brain is able to listen to and process with higher energetic ability switched on.

So there is this union, where there is no longer ‘fight’ born in the ego mind. No longer residence of the ego mind. No longer the idea that the human needs to protect itself. No longer blame of the outer world. Because it is KNOWN…that what was ALWAYS present, behind all things, and all experiences…was eternal LOVE. There is no experience (regardless of the separated mind’s perception), that is not BORN from eternal love. In forgetfulness, or a lower state of conscious awareness, the mind will argue this. Because ego, when running, IS in a state of ENERGETIC blindness. It can not see further than the energetic frequency state that ego operates as. When we drop the ego, go into the heart, our energetic frequency rises, so our ability to SEE higher truths also rises. Depending on how high we choose to go, in that moment, if we keep rising in energetic frequency, we SEE higher layers of unending truths. The highest truth is LOVE. The ONLY TRUTH IS LOVE. And we see that all experiences were just that, an experience, to rise out of, as LOVE, if we choose. Not all choose this, for some choose to continue the experience of perceived suffering and separation within the illusion. Outside of this polarised separational field we have EACH experienced by our living body, their is NO SUFFERING. For the connection is KNOWN, embodied. The story is told. The state of ETERNAL LOVE IS present and THE PRESENCE.

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All this shall be known, but from WITHIN each. And so without. For only from WITHIN each, comes each’s power of true Realsiation, each’s empowerment. A power denied, yet being born once more within humanity. Keep going…

One Love,

Amanda Lorence
2 May 2020


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