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by @galacticgoddess333 and @sacredromeo

Light Language: Blue, Gold, Violet Ray frequencies

We are Anchoring Love – Languages of Light Decree

In the name of the Father-Mother God-Spirit, We Anchor the Galactic Rainbow conscious Rays upon the planetary grid fields to bring divine wholeness and harmony for all life forms in divine will alignment with the universal Law of Balanced Harmonics.

In service to the ALL One, God-Spirit, we command the full cosmic accelerated galactivation momentum of Divine wisdom, Love and power from the very central Source of the most divine Creative universal potential to protect the Children of the Sun and our Mother planet with the Light Source Empowerment that only prevails.

In service to the ALL One, God-Spirit, we command the Living-Light and Source Love to purify and expand the hearts of every man, woman, and child, to restore the cosmic memory record of their galactic heritage and divine inheritance, to fulfill their original intelligent template design spiritual identity.

In service to the ALL One, God-Spirit, we command the freedom codes from the cosmic rainbow heart of Source to expand and permeate throughout our world Mother and to inspire every man, woman, and child to claim their entire Inner Spiritual Light presence, Christic Self-awareness and their God-Source embodiment manifestation of their Universal Divine Plan, fulfilled.

In the name of the Christ Selves of every man, women, and child, we command the Absolute Divine goodness to move into action and take dominion and authority of our world Mother to lead the Children of the Sun into the land of Promise fulfilled within the benevolence of Source Creation.

In the name of the Ascended Light Beings, by the full power and divine grace of their devotion to the organic Living-Light Code, we command the Cosmic Christ Intelligence, the miracle of divine perfection, and highest truth expression to be made manifest and actualize the golden age of Ascension, now completely.

In service to the ALL One, God-Spirt, we command the full-gathered momentum of the Living-Light from the higher heaven realms and the Krystal Code Legions of the blue, gold, violet lightning rays to descend into our world Mother and take command, now. We take command and dissolve the lower formed energies and all discordant frequencies that oppose the Unified Field of Divine Source Consciousness.

We are the Defender Spiritual Forces of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, in the name of the Father-Mother God-Spirit and the Solar Cosmic Christ, by the threefold power of liberty’s Heart flame trinity, let the eternal Love of Source appear now and be felt throughout the world and lower creation realms, to set Humanity and our Mother planet free, forever.

We thank thee, it is done in the highest power and eternal glory Unified in divine Oneness.

So be it and So it is.


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