moonchildmomentsxx – New templates are Installing within the 12th dimensional grid network. These templates hold unification/sovereignty codes and gene keys, fractal light coding is now accessible from the opening of the 5/5 portal, the gateway preserved is dismantling and securing old illusionary paradigms externally and internally.
Cellular imprints and distortions which have created incarnational archetypal  projections of separation and fear within our psyche are dishevelling, the numerous characters and avatars  connected to old earth grids which represent aspects of our wholeness crafted into fragments within this earthen timeline are presenting, their resounding echoes calling from the inner cauldron as we enter the next layer of rebirthing ourselves back into being are warrior cries as we dig deeper into the fullness of our sovereignty.
The higher heart shift collectively has awakened us to the truth of who we are, the new navigational system of aligned unity consciousness and liberation is online within the quantam field ready for collective receivership & anchoring into the new earthen reality matrix free of old timeline interference and distortion.
The current energetic upgrades are two fold, the initial layer of feminine distorted templates purging is connected to the root and sacral as we reclaim the asiects of our collective experience plugged into co dependant, patriarchal & feminine hierarchical systems designed to separate us from our inner creative cauldron, divine spark and sovereignty, grief, shame, fear of our power and co dependant, unrequited toxic relationship patterns are linked to this collective clearing.
The next layer being collectively disbanded is related to the current crown and third eye upgrades which are reconnecting the galactic headset neural plasma overlay through the downloading and integrating of light codes which activate the divine source blueprint keys.
These upgrades within the crown activate the rainbow crystalline template and corresponding DNA  key.  There is pressure in the physical vessel, headaches, sense of being off balance & uncoordinated.
As we unify the higher heart and higher mind circuity and create a sacred alignment we mirror our galactic template and create a pathway for deeper embodiment of our light body and awaken the crystalline DNA from centuries of distorted projection and illusion. Woven through our journey as infinite threads we begin to weave ourselves back into being as sovereign beings reflecting source light.
This next stage of our collective and inner alignment process introduces a clearing of old implanted concepts, illusions, identities, distortions and programmes embedded within our external reality matrix systems & internal cellular memory and archetypal incarnational avatars.
Soul connections are also indicated as being identified as potentially holding distortions and serving as further illusionary gateways, projections and paths away from activating our inner sovereignty and abundance.
Some soul connections are linked to duality programmes through karmic entanglement loops which have roots within ancient timelines (Egyptian,Babylonian & Atlantean)these programmed illusionary connections were main frame hacks designed to divert us from full embodiment by aligning us with karmic connections of entanglement leading to repetitive cycles of co dependence and energy dilution.
As the higher heart and higher mind circuitry realign we are experiencing a cognitive shift around these connections as illusions have no longer have residence within the temple of the United heart/mind.
Old binds, oaths, energy reversal loops and karmic entanglements are readily accessed for release as the 5:5 energies anchor into Gaia.
Codependant narratives and pattens of relating within our relationships highlight previous lives whereby we have been the victim and the perpetrator the oath makers and breakers & how the root cause of these dynamics and intimacy interplay’s are being expressed through reflection is allowing us to see beyond the illusions and deeper into the self protective mechanisms and barriers to intimacy within ourselves we may be holding.
We co authored and co anchored these distorted masculine and feminine templates into being through centuries of collective reprogramming and as one collective symphony of unity consciousness we can deconstruct these old narratives and co create new dimensional structures and narratives.
Dualistic programmes designed to create pattens and karmic loops which held us in separation consciousness are no longer operational, we now choose where our energy flows and attention grows by integrating all shadow aspects and acknowledging where we have been avoiding self intimacy through projection and transference particularly within relationships.
As the Galactic Gaia templates Install, old earthen timelines aren’t converging and clearing to facilitate the next stage of our collective evolution.
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