Nicky Hamid – When you started waking up, reading all the books, listening to speakers, and hearing from others “on the Path” You started a “FULL TIME JOB”, that is 24/7…
So you maybe, meditated for an hour, changed your diet, changed who you associated with, then cleared your karma, blah, blah, blah, …… then you had still got all these belief systems, these fears and judgements from your family, from society, from past lives, from your ancestors…… and by the way I hope you didn’t forget to spin around 3 times and do it in the right direction…….OMG.
No wonder you felt useless and worthless and just wanted to quit and go Home.
But what you were forgetting is WHO YOU REALLY ARE.
Now who ARE You?
You are a Spiritual Being having a HUman experience…. No, No No !! …. you are even more ….. much, much MORE.
You are SOURCE GOD, the Beloved Beloved Eternal Soul Being having a HUman experience.
But you do not live this way. You live as human being and occasionally you remember and get glimpses of living that way when thinking good thoughts, meditating, doing your journaling, being with like-minded others, etc. The rest of the time you often feel like you are marooned here on Earth and you have just got to figure it all out.
But what if this is just not true?
What if You are this incredibly Wise Immortal Being who has had …… many, many, many, many lifetimes …….and aeons and aeons and aeons of experience in dimensions you cannot even conceive of in your current HUman State. And that You ACTUALLY Know what you are doing?
Think about this for a moment.
Haven’t you learned so much from your feelings of unworthiness, so much more than if you had only experienced the worthiness side of who you are as HUman? Didn’t you know the worthiness side before you ever came here so that you recognise it so well now you are calling it back into your Remembering?
There is just as much value in one side of the coin as in the other.
Ask yourself, what have I learned, what do I now know the Truth of?
You are who you are today because of such thoughts of unworthiness that now give you the impetus to claim back your worthiness, your sovereignty, your ownership of God Source You ARE.
So there are no belief systems within you, out to get you, because you are this Incredible Being that Actually Knows what You are doing and there is great purpose for these belief systems that are perfectly set for you to find your way back to YOURSELF, GOD SOURCE ………OMG …..
YES…… YES…… YOU!!!
I So Love You
PS You have the choice of chasing the loops of your beliefs around and around with analysis and looking back over your shoulder and being on guard trying to do it right as a “spiritual being”
Simply Let Go , drop into your HEART, and just be the Incredible YOU.
Simply noticing whatever arises, right in this present and saying “YES, YES” and Thankyou,Thankyou. Now I Know”.
Dropping all need to cling to anything, accepting whatever is in front of you as part of your own (and God/Source) perfect plan, and doing your Lovingness thing, in whatever way that feels LIGHT, playful, soft and strong, with whatever comes along.
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