Clearing and integrating all that we are going through as individuals and as a collective is big stuff.

Theresa Themelis – I wanted to talk about the heart and how important it is that we speak and act from our hearts; that we are in alignment (thoughts, feelings, words & actions) with our heart space, and with our true purpose. We can focus on the brain-heart-gut connection. In mainstream science, it is typically only discussed as the brain-gut connection, and the heart gets left out. You can see the reflection of this throughout societies across the globe. People have majorly lost a sense of connection with their heart space.

In society, things have shifted to a fast-paced programmed reality, where if you show emotions you are told to suck it up…that there is no time for that…that you are too sensitive. Most jobs are 9 to 5, or they take up too much time from our days…children are even in school for such long hours that when these things are all added up — a major sense of dislocation from each other occurs. We unknowingly from a young age are made to practice separation. From our own selves, our heart space, and from each other.

The brain-heart-gut connection is so important! The brain-gut connection has been studied in mice by scientists who found that even when the ever-so-focused-upon vagus nerve was severed, the energetic between the brain and gut still existed.

When I started work in the medical cannabis industry years ago, I met a LOT of people and I started to notice a trend amongst a vast majority of the community. One part of the trend was that people would talk about their depression in a way where they were making fun of it as if it’s not cool to care. The other part was how much people identified with the illnesses that were in their body, deciding that they had ______ disease because of _____.

This is not their fault, but again looking at science the heart has been taken out and people are led to believe that they are alone and are reliant on certain pharmaceutical medications and on their doctors. (On top of that I learned about the endocannabinoid system and how much our health care system avoids this knowledge in healing.)

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A deeper, more heartfelt look at things was not even an approach, not on an emotional, spiritual, or scientific level. Statistics have become so popular that the individual gets taken out of things.

So many of our systems energetically communicate with each other and our organs carry so much energy. For example, my mother had her gallbladder removed years ago, but last year it showed up on a scan she had done. This is because the energy of the organ is still inside of her body, as it was not healed more holistically. There was no acknowledgment, focus, or release of the energy (emotion) that exists there that may have contributed to the overall health issues she was dealing with.

And so, when you were a child you can recall getting excited about something or having a crush on someone and knowing what that heart-based feeling encompassed. This is because of the ways our brains are working from when we are about 0 to 9 years old. With experience in life, by the time we are adults we should be able to use more discernment with these heart-based feelings.

When we look at the brain-heart-gut connection, we can see that the brain has SO many neurons and this is where we make logical decisions. Moving down to the gut which has more neurons than our brain does, this is where we make gut-decisions. We actually produce more serotonin and dopamine in our guts than we do in our brains. 70% of our immune system is housed by our gut. Pharmaceuticals that people take for their depression or anxiety may actually do more harm than damage because they can cause the lining of the gut to thin, causing and/or contributing to more and more issues in the whole body (i.e. food sensitivities, autoimmunity). Now, the brain is tricky because only focusing on logic can’t always be helpful, and there are a lot of mental illnesses that people identify with; when it comes to our guts — there are so many environmental and energetic toxins that exist that it can be hard to always trust the gut-feeling you have. And this is where our heart can make all the difference. So, moving back up a little bit to our heart – we see that there are even MORE neurons here than in our gut. This is such a high vibrational area that we cannot get heart cancer. Heart-decisions will not make logical or gut sense, but they will FEEL good.

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The heart is a good assistant when asking your body and soul what they need when you are not feeling well. We can get our physical vessels healed up and aligned through better choices and a better attitude. And then when we better communicate with our own brains, hearts, and guts we can see this beautiful dance of discernment. Because when you follow your heart, it can be scary. This is where we take risks and leaps of faith. This could be something small, something big or even trying something new…it’s all about acting from your heart focused energy.

When we do this we strengthen our connection with our Higher Self, because your heart is connected to your imagination which is a direct connection to your Higher Self. Earlier I mentioned the age range of 0 to 9 years old, the ages at which we are mainly operating between alpha and theta wave-states. So in an alpha state, we are able to learn new things like riding a bike because our motor skills are developing and we are open to trying it. In a theta state, we are suggestible, enough that we will try riding a bike; we are also able to deeply connect to our imaginations.

Around or after 9 years old is typically when people say kids lose their imagination. Really I believe this is just being in a theta wave stateless of the time. But in the first hour after you wake up each day, and the last hour before you fall asleep, you are back in this theta wave state. So if you can meditate or ask to receive from your Higher Self during one or both of these times, you are more likely to have an easier and more clear connection, back in this imaginative space.

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And so, the messages that come from your heart and your Higher Self, won’t always make sense, but over time you can deepen and strengthen the connection and be able to discern further. Being in alignment with your thoughts feelings words and actions are so important when embodying the person who you want to be.

I like to think of it like our Higher Selves are playing video games and we are the characters. They want to help us level up but we may be avoiding a shift that will benefit us and the state of our physical body because some of us are used to convenience and change is uncomfortable. So as they keep pressing certain buttons we cannot clearly feel them until we act more in alignment with our Higher Purpose. It can be scary to take those leaps of faith where you shift a mindset or behavior and change the way you do something. But sometimes we are in too much of an anticipatory state as our nervous systems are still healing and so we read all anxiety as BAD. Sometimes anxiety is a good thing and it has a high vibration. As we were raised in a culture ignorant of energy, when we have lacked this heartfelt deepness for so long, it would make sense that we would read this vibration as bad or scary. But…what if it’s time for us to start leading by example and taking those leaps of faith and showing ourselves and others that maybe…everything is going to be more amazing than we could even imagine.

Take a deep breath and remain pause-itive. Taking a breath
and going within instead of reacting right away to everything that comes your way in life can help in these shifts we are all experiencing.

Love you all <3


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