Ramona Lappin – Whatever story you believe, is what you’re buying into and is therefore true for you. There is no point in gaslighting anyones reality no matter how much you think your version is more correct than anothers. Don’t do it to yourself either when someone disagrees with what you know to be real and possible for you. We do not need anothers approval of our version of reality. We have to honor each person’s perspective of life, their version of reality, and understand that everyone is having their own unique experience and walking their own unique path. All paths lead back to God, so we’re all going the same direction ultimately, even if it often doesn’t seem so, yet that is part of the illusion, of the Maya of the mind, that makes us think someone is ‘going to hell or is ‘not going to make it’. Of course that’s just my perspective but that’s what I’m here to share. My own unique truth and version of reality that is true for me.
What story are you believing in? Is it one that was given to you by someone else? A set of laws and rules to live by, given by another? Do these beliefs make you feel good, do they bring you joy, ease and happiness? Why do you feed these realities, because they’re REAL? Is it not that THOUGHTS CREATE THINGS? WHAT IS REALITY but thought forms that over time turned into beliefs, that turned into matter?! Does the ‘reality’ you feed your energy towards create loving, joyful and beautiful experiences and holograms or those based in fear, division and based on negative forecasts? Do you remember your power as a Co-creator? That whatever we feed our energy towards will grow, the same with whatever we resist shall persist? These are Universal Truths, are they not? Somehow we all keep forgetting. Why is that? WHAT DO WE read, listen to, FEED OUR CONSCIOUSNESS with that makes us think otherwise? What is it that we keep helping to manifest by keep feeding it our attention and coding it as ‘truth’? Why do we do that?
Again and again we have been brainwashed and our minds manipulated by the forecasts and ‘truths’ of others instead of thinking “what is it that I believe in?” Often we think we have created our own belief systems but if we look a little deeper we will see that it is not so. We all have been indoctrinated for a long, long time by various sources. It is time we stopped looking without for answers and forecasts or at least deeply question them by feeling the truth with our Hearts, or Heart-Mind, that can not be manipulated by various forms of mind control. We’ve all been under a spell that we’re now collectively waking up from. We came to learn that all truly important answers can only be found deep within the self. When we become quiet and stop the distractions of modern life, putting down the books, stop looking at others for answers that are to be found WITHIN. Instead we are to look within self and ask our own soul and spirit what it is that we are seeing, what our own forecasts are.
We now have the opportunity to write our own totally new scripts, new stories and leave the old well and truly behind, let it all go, after having integrated their lessons that we came here for. After that they are of no more use to us unless we wish to keep recreating the same old, same old stories. We shall again become like children that are full of wonder and for whom everything and anything is possible, where magic and miracles are normal and the possibilities are Infinite!
There is a huge clearing of corrupted/ false data, belief systems, thought forms, holographic inserts, false pictures of reality, false memories, false history and all density held within our and the planetary Templates & Blueprints happening, all is inner connected! This is a HUGE week where perceptions are going to shift massively! It’s happening on all levels of Creation. The truth is finally being restored and will be accessible to ALL not just a select few. Total transparency, truth, honesty and integrity shall be restored. We all make that happen by leading from these virtues by example, by walking the path, not just knowing it. History is going to change also, as the present changes so does the future and the past, remembering all time exists simultaneously and one affects the other as one changes. It’s ALL QUANTUM. This is signalling The END OF TIME/ The End Times. In truth time is a 3D concept. The future is beyond our wildest dreams, truly!!
If there ever was a time to DREAM BIG then it is NOW. Dream your own chosen ‘reality’ into being. Remember your Gifts. Remember your Powers! Remember who you are, Divine Child of God. Remember who you are and where you came from, it is SOURCE! BECOME ONE WITH IT, with God, and CREATE, create BIG, BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!! The limit is only in our imagination now. Time to break through these from ‘others’ imposed limits and beliefs of what is possible and what is not. What is a dream and what is reality. You are your own greatest authority and WHAT COUNTS IS WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN DO, CREATE and BE. Never mind what anybody else thinks or ever told you. YOU DO YOU! Although of course it’s even better when more than one can dream a dream together into being. This is where an even greater power lies and what we’re moving into, where we create with others together in harmony, within the UNITY FIELD OF ONE!!
Time to let it all come to you. Organically. Naturally. Of what your soul and spirit wish to dream through you into being! We’re not speaking of creations coming from our old negative/ false ego, those based in division, fear and destruction! I know spirit is dreaming something freaking magical and amazing into existence 😉 I’ve been given some glimpses and all I will say for now is that it’s going to blow our minds in the best way possibly to be imagined! So just listen. Become quite. Drop the distractions and addictions of the outside world. Listen, trust in your own inner knowing and above all else, BELIEVE IN YOU!! When you believe in you, you believe in God and you believe in humanity as it’s ALL ONE! We are dreaming brand new worlds into being TOGETHER AS ONE WITH GOD SOURCE NOW!
Eternal Love, Miracles & Blessings,
Ramona 🦋
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