This Community Organization is a crossroads of Truth Seekers and Revolutionary Minds, here to raise the vibration of awareness. Converging One global mind, in collaboration, assisting with the planetary shift of Unity Consciousness.

We cover many topics on natural health, science, and spirituality. We research articles daily to bring you the most useful, entertaining, insightful, and accurate information regarding the planetary energetic changes.

“Ascension” means to move up, evolve, or progress, and the end result is Neutrality.”Energy” is conscious, and consciousness is energy. Indeed at this time, humanity is undergoing a planetary shift. This process is the divine destiny of all Humankind and our beautiful planet.

Ascension Energies Media is the brainchild of the awakened spiritual being, Romeo Baron. In September 2011 he experienced a very profound Kundalini Awakening that enabled him to perceive multidimensional realities and remember his Christ lineage; Rainbow-Krystal-Solar Being Frequency, ✨Lyran-Elohim✨Sirian-Elven✨ Incarnate of the Angelic Human Universal Star Gate Security Councils. He is an advocate for spiritual wellness and healthy lifestyles. Romeo’s life path is to uplift humanity, through three Universal Founder Rays💙💖💛 of Love-Unity Consciousness.

Thank you to all who are participating in the consciousness shift to the next dimension. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a Truth Seeker.

Please demonstrate energetic discernment, take in what resonates with you only and discard the rest. Be kind and ethical to all beings with a loving heart.

We are here to help the planet evolve. Join Us!

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