This Community Organization is a crossroads of Truth Seekers and Revolutionary Minds, here to raise the vibration and create awareness. Converging One global mind, in collaboration, assisting with the Planetary 12D Shift.

We cover many topics on natural health, science, and spirituality. We research articles daily to bring you the most useful, entertaining, insightful, and accurate information Intel regarding the planetary energetic changes.

Ascension Energies Media is the brainchild of the awakened spiritual being, Romeo Baron. He is an advocate for spiritual wellness and healthy lifestyles. Romeo’s mission is to assist in Humanity’s Liberation and Unity with the Absolute Divine, as well as returning the Tree of Knowledge and to support the awareness of the multidimensional limitless experience that is Ascension to be given to ALL as Cosmic Sovereign Citizens.

“Ascension” means to move up, evolve, or progress, and the end result is Neutrality. Indeed at this time, humanity is undergoing a planetary shift. This process is the destiny of all humankind and our beautiful planet, returning to Divine Wholeness.

Thank you to all who are participating in the consciousness shift to the next density. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a Truth Seeker.

We are here to help the planet re-evolve. Join Us!

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