The planetary Ascension: Merger Into Oneness Is Near!

There has been high dimensional frequencies coming to Earth and these energies are reaching a peak during the Fall of our year 2016. These...

Crystalline Wholeness: The divine destiny of all humankind

There is more light than ever before. This is being caused by the huge blasts of Solar Radiation, Solar Winds, Gamma, Plasma, UV, and...

The opening of the ASCENSION PORTALS to 5D Earth

There are ASCENSION PORTALS between Earth and Parallel 5D Earth. The Portals are opening and this will increase the amount of divine Light flowing...

Birthing into the Family of Light

We are birthing into the Family of Light. Feel the vibration within you and sing with fractal expressions into the unified field of consciousness....

How Will Your Body Ascend During The Planetary Shift

Romeo Baron - At the time of the Planetary Dimensional Shift, It will be harmless for those that have lifted their frequency beyond the...

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Pleiadian Broadcast: Planetary Ascension Update October 2019

The Illusions are breaking down as the veils have lifted... Higher Heart and God Consciousness Pulse Realignment