Return of Solar Rishi

Lisa Renee - Dear Ascending Family, Things are not at all what they seem to be. The outer world is a cartoonish reality of astral...

Ascension Energies: Culmination Lifetime

Glacia Rain explains in this video why many are feeling that they are all over the place during this transition we are in as we...

Message From The Source for Completion Energies in 5D

Alexander touches on the energies of the current period and the resistance and ego they bring forth through a message from the Source, so...

How to Be Your Real Authentic Self in 5D

    Indigo Light touches on authenticity and the true meaning of being yourself in this new day in age, the YOU that you have always...

Creating Abundance in the Fifth Dimension Part 2

Alexander picks up on the topic of abundance following the first video, explaining more in depth the pragmatic and enlightened approach we must take...

You are the Event You are Awaiting

Alexander touches on an important topic that has been brought to his attention from Source and wants to explain the need for being in...

Crop Circle – Gloucestershire April 18, 2017

Crop Circle Update - Gloucestershire

Walking in Your Empowerment

The other day as I was waking I saw very clearly in my mind a metal circular door, with lots of markings. I found...

Arcturians: Becoming Your Higher Self

If you have any doubt whatsoever about your ability to become your higher self, then please recognize that you already have been your higher...

Shifting Timelines, Parallel Worlds and Our Mixed Up Reality

I so love when I can wake up in the morning and understand myself and my feelings better.  This morning is one such morning,...

Awakening Your Original Consciousness

I honour the golden Christ light within your being; the energy of pure active love of the Creator which exists within you and within...

How Solar Flares Directly Affect Human Consciousness

Everything within this dense configuration of Reality that we call the Universe is interconnected. Through this interconnectedness, everything affects everything else. From the dawn...

Lisa Renee: The Law of One

The Law of One by Lisa Renee This Article:  

Energy Forecast – Incoming Wave December 2016

by Mahala Gayle This Article: The video mentioned in the article: Incoming Wave of Energy on December 26, 2016 The link mentioned in the article: When to watch the...

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Injected Nurse Passes Out During Interview Promoting the Injection

She had it 👇👇👇 — AnonymousWesternmass (@anonymousW_M) December 18, 2020 "A nurse at CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee passed out on live television after receiving...

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