Becoming the Light We Are

Many judge chaos as something to avoid, including me in the past. Yet when we can move beyond judging something as either good or...

Activating your “Firewall” to Remain in Alignment

Beloved Family, I have said this a few times and I shall repeat it again.... You are maybe still feeling quite `raw` and `vulnerable` ( could...

PSYCHIC PROTECTION “The Aura Shield” Meditation Music with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Put up your vibrational force field with our psychic protection meditation track, and give yourself a relaxing and uplifting environment as you not only...

Facing the Dark Side of the Soul

I’m here to write about a startling truth I discovered while channeling my higher self. I learned that we’re in a spiritual battle with...

Empower Your Galactic DNA — Laura Eisenhower

We struggle between dark and light, masculine and feminine. Learn to empower your DNA in this cosmic theater with Laura Eisenhower.

How Do I Identify My Intention?

Jim Self answers the question: How Do I Identify My Intention?   Webinar - Focusing Your Attention on Intention Attention on your Intention can only happen when you...

How To Develop Your Telepathic Abilities

Telepathy is the transference of sending or receiving thoughts from one living being to another. Besides using telepathy for person to person communication, you...

Note to Self: Believe in Yourself

Do You Believe in You? Take note of the many things we do, say, and think that stop us from being powerful and all that...

100 Miraculous Benefits To Expect From Daily Meditation

The list of meditation benefits could go on for days. Not only the mental, psychological benefits that meditation is most known for, but the...

Chi Master Demonstrates the Amazing Power of Chi (Life Force Energy)

Chi masters spend decades training their bodies, minds and spirits to control the energy of their chakras, allowing them to harness the amazing power...

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Undertaking the Christos Starseed Mission

Lisa Renee - Many of us that are on the Ascension path, or have awakened to remember ourselves as a Starseed, have come to...