Declaration of Self-Sovereignty for all of HUmanity

Beloved inner spirit and Higher Self councils restore all key codes and energies within our multi-dimensional krist 12 bodies in the name of self-sovereignty herein stated and commanded into divine presence now. We hereby dissolve all negative form reversal coding connected to any implants impairing our multi-dimensional consciousness from embodying the pure will and perfection […]

Clearing Reversal Influences Meditation Activation Transmission

Romeo Baron – Within the Living-Light of Source, we Anchor and Seal our Highest Timeline, as Divine Order of Cosmic Sovereign Law is being restored in the name of Self-Sovereignty herein stated and commanded into Divine Presence NOW. Reversal Influences are a series of artificial lower dense energies of parasitic false webbing distorted information that […]

Coded Affirmations for Personal Ascension Integration

Here are some Coded Affirmations intended to support Personal Ascension Integration. Allow the spoken words to resonate with your Heart. This also includes a Highly Potent Light Language Transmission to stimulate your Galactic DNA Codes. ☀️💙💛💜💚🧡💖🌈💎🌹🌏 Meditate with this coded Affirmation Transmission before bedtime, daily for a minimum of 3 weeks. ~Sacred Romeo Keeper of […]

Guided Meditation: Emotional Healing for Eternal Self Alignment

  Romeo Baron – The purpose of this guided meditation is to assist in Emotional Body Healing and thereby open the inner Christ channels of Light within our self and strengthen our inner connection with Source. Source Energy is Harmonic Sound and Light Fields unified into Oneness. In our natural state we hold the Subharmonic […]

Restoring Your Galactic DNA Coding Meditation Transmission

  Restoring Your Galactic DNA Coding Meditation Transmission Reclaiming the Galactic-Angelic HUman DNA Template to the Original Unity Source Code. This meditation transmission is to assist the process of focusing our divine expansion within and through our Eternal Self-Source Intelligence to assist in re-setting the Living-Light Code Harmonic Vibration alignment in our multidimensional DNA Crystalline […]

Sacred Spiritual Union ~ Heiros Gamos Meditation

This transmission is intended to support your Sacred Spiritual Union, which represents the perfected sacred marriage between the inner divine masculine and divine feminine principles within your energetic system, Christos-Sophia; a unifying force field of the Trinity wave coding of Source Creation. ~Sacred Romeo Hieros Gamos Light Language Transmission Hieros Gamos Light Encoded Art by […]